You have reached the Trail Head for my technology exploration trail. I am Anand Rao , Currently working as a Field Technologist for Tanzu at VMware.
My Journey on technology has brought me through multiple industries and places, giving me the previlege of meeting some amazing people. There is an ever growing list of new things to learn in technology and life in general.
The Cluetrail is my effort on chronicaling the journey, the breadcrums of my journey with a hope that it helps solve problems and overcome challenges with a clue or two.
The Clue Trail is my writing while the Clue Cast is my video Blog. Looking forward to build out more content here on my web home as I continue to build the Clue Trail.

Recent Blog posts

DevSecOps and Operationalizing Kubernetes

Containers and specifically Kubernetes, are abuzz in the world of cloud technology. The buzz has led to a tremendous rush to adopt Kubernetes, and rightfully so. Much too often, you are in a state where one can ask you, you just installed/provisioned Kubernetes - “Now what? “. The Challenge of operationalizing Kubernetes is not tiny. There is a lot that goes into making Kubernetes useful for developers and operators alike.

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I am a person who is used to having my tools close to me. Specially when you are in a troubleshooting session, having the right tools for the right job makes problem solving very easy. I compare this to driving a car not knowing your hands are turning the steering wheel. This can happen when you are so used to driving that the wheel becomes an extension of your body.

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