Cleanup Azure PCF install using BBL

Anand Rao · August 10, 2018

The Power of using automation and starting to look at the platform as a product is that you can wipe out everything and be sure that you can get back to the same state you were in. To Test out that Theory, I decided to use the bbl tool to blow the platform off and then rerun the pipeline and get back to this state. Thanks to my good friend Zack Bergquist for pointing me in this direction. bbl has this very powerful ( I mean, be careful when you run it ) feature that connects to your IAAS using your credentials provided.

A quick execution sample is here:

$ anandrao at Anands-MBP in ~/pivotal/repos/bbl-az/bbl/n$ bbl cleanup-leftovers
[Resource Group: araoc2sterraform] Delete? (y/N): n
[Resource Group: bbl-env-caspian-2018-08-07t01-09z-bosh] Delete? (y/N): n
[Resource Group: bbl-env-ontario-2018-07-31t05-15z-bosh] Delete? (y/N): n
[Resource Group: c2s] Delete? (y/N): y
[Resource Group: cloud-shell-storage-westus] Delete? (y/N): n
[Resource Group: dns] Delete? (y/N): n
[Resource Group: jump] Delete? (y/N): n
[Resource Group: c2s] Deleting...
[Resource Group: c2s] Deleted!
$ anandrao at Anands-MBP in ~/pivotal/repos/bbl-az/bbl

Notice , I did not delete my DNS zones, bbl and other groups. The only Group I deleted was “c2s” the Resource group that had my Full PCF install. Along with that , I will have to delete the terraform.state file on the container created for this. You could do that on command line via the azure cli or the UI as below Job. It creates a fresh state file.

Basically follow the instructions on the [part 3()] of the blog series to get you there.

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