The Trail .....

Anand Rao · December 12, 2017

Reviving my blogging habits. This time over,  I find a compelling motivation to journal my path through the amazing Technology Journey I have embarked on. One that helps Businesses change their way of building software and adopting the ever changing landscape of the Cloud.

Working as an Enterprise Architect at Cengage Learning , I got this amazing opportunity to get involved in what I call a movement ! Pivotal. The wide spectrum of pivotal's offerings, all the way from the Spring Framework to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry where  Spring Apps run the best,  Pivotal's  products and the amazing people set me on the journey to help companies change the way they build software. After setting the Cengage Ship Sail on its Cloud native journey to adopt PCF,  I took on a position with Pivotal's Platform Architecture team on the west coast based our of the SF Bay Area.

The technology challenges and solutions being worked on at multiple high quality amazing companies gives me a totally new perspective on how I want to help companies and businesses change the way they build,  deploy and manage software.  #disrupt #innovate #learn  #iterate

I am planning to use this Clue trail as a way to chronicle my Trail through the Tech exploration as I find Clues to solve simple and complex technology problems.

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