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Welcome to Clue2Solve Open Source Projects

About Clue2Solve

At Clue2solve, the motto is to build better developer experience. In this mission I have the tremendous pleasure to collaborate with some of the great friends I have made during my technology Journey over years.

You can look for Developer tools, Libraries, Cloud Automation tooling and even some Cloud Strategy related information here at Clue2Solve.

[More to come soon]

Our Open Source Projects

Here you’ll find a list of our open-source projects.

Pinecone Unofficial Java Client

The Pinecone Java Client is an unofficial Java library for interacting with PineconeDB, a vector database ideal for building vector search applications. This client library facilitates operations such as fetching index statistics, querying, and performing upsert and delete operations in PineconeDB.

Spring Cloud Bedrock Starer

Lets make the developer experience for Spring and Java developers to use AWS bedrock simple and fun.


Information on how to contribute to these projects.